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Woven India

The philosophy and mantra of Spun Gold is the propagation of the dying art of handloom – of weavers, textiles and silk in all its forms. We curate our merchandise through our various sojourns across the vast Indian landscape. 

Top - L to R - 1. Gadwal; 2. Benaras Kora Silk; 3. Kerala Kasavu; 4. Bangalore silk with Aari work; 5. Chanderi silk cotton
Botton - L to R - 1. Jute Cotton; 2. Tasar with Kantha work; 3. Tasar with block work; 4. Georgette; 5. Kanjivaram Silk

Our beautiful store in India is based in Panjim, Goa, where we have been happily serving our loyal customers.

Now, we open the doors of our store wider to reach a larger audience and facilitate the growth and expansion of our mantra and philosophy. 

Happy shopping! Take a piece of India home with you…Fill up this form, if you wish to reach out to us. If there is something you liked let us know. 


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